5 Star Festivities

They Tweet Hard For The Money!

Why should you follow us on Twitter? To win FREE money on 5StarDeal.com! At some random point during the day we are going to Tweet a special offer, and then you must be quick on the re-Tweet. Our Tweet will state how much the coupon will be for, and what number “re-Tweeter” you will have to be to win. If you are the lucky re-Tweeter you will be directly messaged a special one-time use code for 5StarDeal.com!

Let’s recap

1.)    Each day there will be a tweet that states:

a.       How much the coupon will be for

b.      What number re-Tweeter you will be to win

2.)    If you are the winner, you will be Directly Messaged a one-time use code for www.5stardeal.com

3.)    We will Tweet the daily winner is for all the world to see.


Monthly Raffle

Every time you make a purchase of one of our Daily Deals you are entered into to win our Raffle. So if you buy 10 times from us, then you get 10 entries into the raffle. Every month we will take the names of everyone who has purchased a Daily Deal, put it in a Raffle Drum, and pick a winner. This drawing of the name will be taped and put onto YouTube for everyone to see. The prizes will change every month. Sometimes something for your kitchen, electronics, health & beauty products and more.

To recap

1.)    Every purchase you make will get you an entry into the Monthly Raffle.

2.)    The Raffle will be taped and put onto YouTube for all to see the prize, who gets picked, and more.

3.)    We will then contact the winner to let them know they’ve won and send them their prize!



As you can see on our front page we have a list of awards that will get you points. Down the road we will have a page that will have a list of coupons you can get for x amount of points. We also have more coming down the pipe that we are working. So make sure to stay tuned for more Awards on the way!